Adaptive Leadership Workshops

These workshops are hosted in person or virtually, with a combination of interactive teaching and dynamic breakout room activities. Throughout, you’ll apply tools and engage with other participants. At the end, we will hold a 15 minute period for any questions and answers.

Intro to Adaptive Leadership/Change

Adaptive Leadership has been used by thousands of the world’s top leaders and organizations to lead transformational changes in their lives and work. In this introductory workshop, participants are introduced to the core ideas and practices of Adaptive change, first developed at Harvard and since applied and honed through 35+ years of organizational work.

In this workshop you will:

  • Internalize an adaptive change framework, including actionable tools and practices
  • Develop upgraded diagnostic and interpretive skills for understanding your work ahead and new points of leverage
  • Clarify how to mobilize others and yourself
  • Hone your leadership style and practice
  • Make a pragmatic plan for your next acts of leadership

Build Your Adaptive Capacity

Your ability to meet, engage, and even embrace change is critical to your ongoing success. Change is inevitable –– your dexterity with it is not. Adaptive capacity is the ability to read and respond to the changing world around you. With these abilities, taught through this workshop, you can face anything.

In this workshop you will:

  • Identity the four components of Adaptive Capacity 
  • Identify where bottlenecks are and where Adaptive Capacity can be built
  • Expand your tolerance for (and dexterity with) complexity, change and ambiguity 
  • Build a plan to build your team’s adaptive capacity

Adaptive Change Audit

What are the right changes to make right now? Are we capable of making them? Knowing what should and can be changed is a critical skill. It is the serenity prayer for modern times. Move from a reactive stance to a proactive stance of change.

In this workshop you will:

  • Be introduced to a comprehensive landscape analysis tool 
  • Conduct a landscape analysis
  • Identify what changes are needed
  • Identify your organizational capacity to make those changes exists and where it needs to be built 
  • Walk away with an action plan for where to focus next

Adaptive Scenario Planning

We all wish we could have a crystal ball. The next best thing is being able to look across plausible scenarios of the future and build planning, capacity and strategies to meet them. Used across the private sector and social change organizations, adaptive scenario planning moves off of the limits of traditional strategic planning to accurately prepare you for the future.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn to generate multiple scenarios of the future by examining a variety of key variables
  • Analyze scenarios to estimate likelihood and preparedness for each
  • Create influence strategies and capacity building strategies to prepare for the best futures 
  • Work through a scenario planning exercise for your team or organization as a model for ongoing use

Leading From Where You Stand

Contrary to popular belief, leadership can happen whether or not you have a big title with a lot of authority. We each have the ability to practice leadership from where we are. We just have to know which strategies, tools, social capital and convening power we have access to and how to use it. This workshop will help you to do just that, skyrocketing your capacity to lead authentically and powerfully.

In this workshop you will:

  • Provide new frameworks for examining power and authority
  • Understand how to use and grow your informal and formal authority, including through social capital
  • Examine what your constituencies need of you and how to meet those needs 
  • Identify and create mobilization, influence, and communication strategies