Change Everything™
with the Good Wolf Process

The most comprehensive, fast-track and confidential process to curate the next chapters of your life and leadership.

For those most ambitious individuals who want to start the next chapter of their lives, we created the ultimate process in personal evolution.

Join a rising tide of leaders, change makers, executives, community organizers, business vanguards, philanthropists, media makers, educators, impact strategists, parents and neighbors committed to curating the next chapters of their lives.

The Process

We begin with a one-on-one confidential two-day retreat. Then we work together over the next six months to implement your plan.

You commit to you. We commit to you.
Together, we build the next evolution of your life in four steps.

Generate Clarity

It is valuable to find clarity and conviction in who you are and what you stand for in this life. Zander Grashow has developed and collected a portfolio of modules to help define your individual truth and calling.

Identify Patterns

We look across the various aspects of who you are to identify patterns. We can see your highest and best use, your roadblocks/blindspots, your hungers and best next-steps might be.

Create Decision Filter

We call it the FOMO killer –– the ability to review the choices in front of you and make clear decisions about what is most aligned for your future. Don’t waste time on what doesn’t work. Focus on what can create the most impact in your life.

Utilize Alignment Tools

We equip you with a bookshelf full of your very own owner’s manuals for your values-aligned life. Lucky you.

Sean Haynes

Founding Chairman, President and CEO, Lifecycle Construction Services 

I was apprehensive and somewhat reluctant to engage in this process, but the results greatly exceeded my wildest expectations. Zander helped me realize some of the very skills and attitudes that created success for me in the past were now holding me back from reaching my true potential. As an entrepreneur, leader, father and husband, this was a transformative experience on all levels.

Beth Main

Executive Vice President of Domestic Network Distribution, HBO 

Some encounters are too unique, too valuable to be done any justice at all by attempting to describe them. The Good Wolf Process presents just such a dilemma. Two treasure trove days of gutsy, purposeful, unhurried exercises and play — with a masterfully gifted guide in Zander — that build one on the other and lead like a path through the woods to a clearing. I would say only to prepare to leave with a pair of wings — either your first, or a pair infinitely better fitted to accommodate your new soaring range.

David Levin

CEO, McGraw-Hill Education

I found myself at a crossroads where it would have been easy to fall back into old patterns and ways of working. This process helped me make sense of my career, what I want for my future and how to engage the right support along the way. My approach for the next chapter is more fulfilling, more aligned and better supported. I understand how and where to best apply myself, how to play to my strengths and to appreciate and leverage all the resources I have at my disposal.

Good Wolf Group Constellations

We love bringing aligned people together to do important things in the world. We offer the Good Wolf Process for business partners, family members, philanthropists and their advisors.


Develop ultimate understanding,  of your shared ambitions, working relationship and accountability checks/structures/processes/goals.

Philanthropists &
Their Advisors

Get clarity on your highest order contribution and work with your advisors to create your biggest impact.

Family Members


Engage your family and legacy hopes with empathy, dexterity and upgraded problem-solving skills.

The Good Wolf Legend

A member of the community goes to an elder: “I am trying to find my way but I am struggling with the path and within myself.” The elder explains, “Inside each of us, there are two wolves. One of them is the good wolf which represents love, peace, hope, kindness, bravery and compassion. The otheris the bad wolf which represents greed, anger, arrogance, resentment and fear. And these two wolves are fighting all the time.” The member of the community reflects and asks, “If the wolves are always fighting, then which one wins?” The elder shares, “whichever one you feed.” 
Cherokee First Nation Origin