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Change Everything_Hello Spring Playbook_2023

Spring is here! A time for fresh energy, movement, and momentum. We created the Hello Spring Playbook as a guided reflection tool to help you dance into spring and immerse yourself in the unique gifts of this season.

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Trust us. They did.

Helene Gayle

CEO of The Chicago Community Trust

I gained the belief that I have the tangible tools to realize a fuller, more aligned, joyous life than I thought possible. Zander is a masterful, supportive guide and thought partner who helps you understand the themes and patterns of your life. From day one, I have been able to put our plan in place and started feeling the difference that small actions can make in creating a new future!

Alfredo Rivera

President, Coca-Cola North America

The Good Wolf Process has been a journey of self discovery that went beyond my expectations.  Before GWP I was searching for more meaning to my life beyond work.  Thanks to the GWP,  I was given the context and the tools to better understand my strengths and my growth opportunities.  And more importantly, the process helped me to develop a personal purpose and a tangible plan to continue growing as a leader, husband, father, and friend. You have my deepest appreciation and respect.

Maria Eitel

Founding President and CEO, Nike Foundation

Zander is a beautiful, uniquely gifted soul who has walked the journey and insightfully and wisely partners with you to guide you through yours. My advice (and I have done it all): instead of spending years of therapy, executive coaching, retreats, workshops, help from well-meaning friends and colleagues, dedicate full attention to the two-day transformation process.

RC Buford

Chief Executive Officer, Spurs Sports & Entertainment, 5 NBA Titles, 22 Year Playoff Run

As the environment of live sports changes daily, I have been grateful to have Zander’s ongoing relationship. He has helped me evolve from a 28+ year role in sports management and team building into the Chief Executive Office position. His insights, instincts and experience have all influenced my trajectory as a leader and I value his contributions to me individually and collectively to our program.

Daisy Auger-Dominguez

Chief People Officer, VICE Media Group

To spend time tapping into who you are and what you’re capable of is a rare gift. This process expertly helps identify what’s beneath the surface and makes it explicit, enabling you to harness the true power of your heart and mind. I am confident where I go from here and what I do will be more joyful, intentional.

Randall Mays

President, Clear Channel Communications

The process vastly exceeded anything I could have imagined. Zander created a space where I felt seen, heard and understood. My trust in him is absolute.

Bernadette Aulestia

President of Global Distribution, HBO

It’s hard to put into words the transformational power of two days. I came to the process seeking alignment and grounding of my values and capacities but walked away with a life changing system to evaluate, make decisions and confront challenges in the realms of work, family and spirit. What I learned was how intrinsically tied these are and that we must continuously balance, evaluate and upgrade them to conceive the high achieving, operating in your sweet spot, breaking barriers life we all seek.

Stephen Badger

Chairman, Mars Corporation

I now feel as if I have been given the ability to truly unfold my life purpose with greater clarity than ever before. If only all could be so lucky – especially those who feel called to step beyond their perceived limits into their capacity, and perhaps, more fully into their destiny.

Anurima Bhargava

Chief of the Educational Opportunities Section of the Civil Rights Division, The U.S. Department of Justice

I learned how to arrive and build with grounding and purpose in the social justice arena, and with a distinct and in-context appreciation of where to invest to catalyze change. At a time when our battles are on constantly and unpredictably shifting planes, Zander gave me the tools and the faith to march forward, boldly and with an understanding of the value of where and how I was standing. Most of all, they saw me, and through their wise and incisive counsel, helped me to see myself.

Alec Karakatsanis

Founder and Executive Director, Civil Rights Corps, Civil Rights Lawyer, Social Justice Advocate, Author

Zander has been my trusted advisor and coach in one of the most critical moments of my career. Our work together has supported my professional efficacies as a leader and my personal ambitions as an activist. I have reached greater clarity and strategy both in my current challenges and for the foundation for a lifetime of this work.

Ellie Kanner

Film & TV Director, Casting Director of Sex and the City and Friends

I’m a creative person and yet I was choosing projects that weren’t tapping into my creative talents. I was making choices from fear instead of love. I now make them for the right reasons; breaking patterns and changing limited beliefs gives me the confidence to live my life to the fullest. I now trust my intuition. I now have clarity. I finally have control over my life.

Evolution: graduating to new ways of living and working.

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