Change Everything™ Workshops

The bottleneck to success should never be you or your people. Let’s skill up.

2 hour workshops. Virtual, live and in-person.

We train thousands, who then impact thousands more.

Our Workshops Are:

  • Refreshing
    Short, fun, and tailored to your needs.
  • Dynamic
    Taught in-person or virtually for real-time feedback and peer-to-peer learning.
  • Programatic
    Provide tools that you put to use the very same day.
  • Proven
    Guaranteed to build your capacity, craft and conviction.
  • Communal
    Connected to a community through our alumni events, both virtual and in person

We offer a range of workshops that pack a punch. Big ideas designed for immediate application. Learn a new skill, master a strategy and rise to the occasion.

Organizational Change

Team Alignment

Personal Evolution

Adaptive Leadership

Beyond building new strategies, skills and tools, we support people in their worthy ambitions to create healthy and inclusive teams and communities, fight injustice and build bridges to those with differing beliefs.

Emergent Design & Participant-Centered Practice

We use the dynamics of participant groups to highlight areas for growth and illustrate key concepts in order to activate and internalize learning. We constantly work to read the group and speak to specific wisdoms and cultures in the room — we meet and honor participants where they are.

Difference & Diversity

We are committed to cross-cultural work and generating awareness of power, identity, and conflict in every workshop we do. We also are committed to learning how we, as faculty, continue to grow, hold and create space, and discover our own blind spots.

Wisdom of Lived Experience

The greatest source of wisdom is people’s lived experience. Learning is best when we grow from our histories and integrate these lessons into whatever the moment demands of us.

Two Worlds Approach

True progress is always a result of internal and external evolution. All of our workshops encourage self-examination and develop personal capacity, in addition to teaching concrete frameworks and practices. You’ll notice new clarity and conviction when we’re through.

Learning as Risk-Taking

We work to make the workshops safer for participants to take risks and also take risks as faculty. We are the first to “get on the balcony” and examine these risks and consequences.

Full Learning and Engagement

We are intelligent, emotional, spiritual, physical and social beings. When we engage all of ourselves, more is possible. When we fragment, there is negative consequences. Our programs seek to engage all of you and all of your learning styles and needs.

Nick Tedesco

President and CEO of The National Center of Family Philanthropy, Senior Philanthropic Advisor of J.P. Morgan Private Bank Philanthropy Centre

I can say without hesitation that the workshop is a transformational experience. It is an opportunity to reflect on life thus far in an effort to inform a more healthy and productive path forward. It is a reflection and appreciation of ourselves as we continue to forge ahead in an often chaotic and critical world. It is an opportunity to cultivate the necessary framework and skills to make better decisions. It is the practical visioning of a more fulfilling life.

Jean Oelweang

President, Virgin Unite

We have been very fortunate to partner with Zander on a number of projects, including the B Team and our work with our community, the Unite Constellation. I can’t recommend Zander more highly. His open heart combined with his deep intelligence and commitment to positive change is a unique mixture in this world. His facilitation skills, unique process, leadership training and tailored workshops and tools have all made significant impact to our organization and the individuals in our community.

Sam Branson

Founder of Big Change, Sun Dog Pictures, Strive

The time we spent together has not only given me the framework for my place in the world but confidence in my passions, skills and potential. Zander helped me to connect to my truth and vulnerability. I now feel I have the tools to live a truly fulfilled life.