Adaptive Leadership

Internalize an evolutionary change framework. 250,000+ people at 1,400+ innovative companies trained to build the future.

From 40+ years at Harvard to real time application, Adaptive Leadership has been a driving framework for change for some of the most impactful institutions and leaders of our times.

It worked for them.

The world knows we need to evolve.
Adaptive Leadership is the toolbox.

Adaptive Leadership
answers three questions.

What do we bring forward into the future, what do we let go of, and what do we grow into?

How do we mobilize the right strategies, skills and people to make needed change?

How do we build structures and cultures that invite learning, foster inclusion and create new futures?

The time to adapt is now.

The practice/skill of Adaptive Leadership is half diagnostic and half action.

½ – You can’t change what you don’t understand (diagnosis)

½ – You can’t act without the right tools, strategies, and skills (action)

Zander’s Publications

The Practice of Adaptive Laeadership

Harvard Business Press

The guide to approaching leadership in a rapidly changing world.

Leadership in a (Permanent) Crisis

Harvard Business Press

The playbook for leading in times of complexity and uncertainty.