Team Alignment Workshops

These workshops are hosted in person or virtually, with a combination of interactive teaching and dynamic breakout room activities. Throughout, you’ll apply tools and engage with other participants. At the end, we will hold a 15 minute period for any questions and answers.

Rockstar Teams

We all want to be on teams that have trust, care and high accountable performance. High performing teams have four things in common and in this workshop you will identify and author your unique version of these four components. Together we can build the roles, accountabilities, norms and strategies for exemplary performance.

In this workshop you will:

  • Affirm your team’s values, priorities and purpose
  • Clarify roles, responsibilities and unique talents and perspectives
  • Gain tools to give and receive feedback and initiate necessary conversations
  • Build team, organizational and communal norms of peer support and problem-solving and form new team routines for immediate application

Difficult Conversations Made Easier

Let’s make the difficult easier and more worthwhile. Handle the tough stuff while maintaining and building mutual relationships and understanding. There is an art and science to having difficult conversations. Learn how to raise necessary conversations with greater ease and skill––and address the pressing issues of our times inside and outside your organization.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the Four Conversational Model framework 
  • Practice a simple and super effective conversation protocol
  • Learn how to deal with conflict while maintaining or deepening relationships
  • Identify and create an action plan for upcoming critical conversations

Meetings That Don’t Waste Time

We don’t want to waste any more human life in bad meetings. We don’t have to suffer through bad meetings. There is actually a short list of things that transform meetings into highly productive, aligning and even inspiring events.  Never sit in a bad meeting again. Leave all your meetings with momentum and focus.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn game changing agenda settings, meeting norms, sense and response activities, and roles and rituals
  • Gain a set of replicable meeting norms 
  • Understand how to create realistic benchmarks and feedback mechanisms 
  • Design elements that invite both creative and pragmatic solutions
  • Plan your next critical meeting

No Look Back Decision Making

Level-up your capacity to make decisions that stick. Don’t waste time stressing before or after an important decision. Make routine decisions with the least amount of effort, and make critical decisions grounded in clarity and execution precision. Our methods have been used by the world’s top performing organizations and countless individuals making important decisions.

In this workshop you will:

  • You’ll learn a comprehensive six-step methodology to make decisions that is repeatable and applicable to any situation
  • Apply this method to current decisions 
  • Assess where your decision making could gain strength and speedMake a plan to engage others in making needed decisions

Mobilizing Across Difference

We need to move forward together, across competing interests and priorities.  We need bridge builders across the puddles and seas of difference. We need it now in our teams, communities and our own families. And luckily, it can be learned personally and collectively. Let’s build the needed bridges, meet in the middle and steward needed changes.

In this workshop you will:

  • Diagnose where other parties stand, their interests and pressures
  • Learn how to build bridges across muddy waters to shared interests and needs 
  • Create a specific map of your critical stakeholders and a plan to engage them in important work 
  • Design a tactical and overarching plan with short-, middle- and long-term points of focus

Emotional, Spiritual and Social Intelligence for Your Team

Humans move and are motivated by more than intellect.  We search for connection (emotion), meaning (spirit) and community (social).  To be super-charged in effectiveness is not often about more intellect but the integration of emotional, spiritual and social intelligence. Coherence across these domains is trustworthy and generative.

In this workshop you will:

  • Build Emotional fitness – build teams that create compassion, care and belonging
  • Build Spiritual fitness – build teams that are able to generate, discover and deepen meaning 
  • Build Social fitness – build teams that develop social capital and resilience internally and with key stakeholders
  • Design an engagement model and plan for your team to invite, engage, and use different forms of wisdom

Feedback for Forever Growth

Giving and receiving quality feedback is an often-overlooked skill, and one that can make or break an organization’s or leader’s success. The good news is that giving and receiving feedback can be learned and delivered in both routine and tough situations. When teams know how to give feedback, there are few surprises, more accountability for growth and less wasted energy and resources.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the eight components of effective feedback 
  • Learn protocols and strategies for delivering feedback effectively 
  • Identify mechanisms and scripts for feedback for growth, corrective behavior, performance reviews and goal setting 
  • Build your map of feedback conversations and topics to be addressed

Know Your Audience

All of us need to be compassionate detectives for our customer, client and co-worker’s needs.  When we better understand the other side, we can have better/bigger impact. Cultivating your message to land with specific audiences pays great dividends and allows you deliver the biggest impact possible.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the key components of observation, discovery, interpretation and value exchange 
  • Utilize observation clues, story paradigms and clues to discover the deeper needs and meaning of your audience 
  • Cultivate language and delivery mechanisms that meet your audience where they are. 
  • Develop a discovery and value exchange strategy for a specific current audience