Organizational Change Workshops

These workshops are hosted in person or virtually, with a combination of interactive teaching and dynamic breakout room activities. Throughout, you’ll apply tools and engage with other participants. At the end, we will hold a 15 minute period for any questions and answers.

Strategy That Sticks

Let’s make more of our best ideas come true. From working with the top strategy firms, Zander has developed coherent models for making “strategy that sticks.” In this workshop, he will share four proven, repeatable and shareable activities to turn great ideas into plausible realities.

In this workshop you will:

  • Gain four methodologies to use with and teach immediately to your organization 
  • Learn the secrets of change diagnosis and stakeholder mobilization
  • Develop iterative pragmatic actions steps 
  • Apply the tools to your direct needs and team

Creating Uplift Cultures

You know them, the cultures where everyone walks in excited, knowing their mission and role and holding each other to high standards. You might also know the opposite. In this workshop, we take culture down from the abstract into six key leverage points to help you articulate and build a dynamic, thriving and inclusive culture. We are all culture creators, and few leverage points can make a world of difference.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the six key leverage points to actively build organizational culture and new norms
  • Identify where your organization can coast, upgrade, change and smartly experiment with its culture 
  • Create an action plan for your team and organization 
  • Discern how you too are a culture creator and how you want to contribute

Leading Consequential Change

Leading change is not for the faint of heart. Leading requires heart and muscles.  It is a set of muscles and practices that can be learned, leveraged, shared and mastered. If everyone got 10% better at leading change each season, the world, our organizations and our lives would be better. This workshop outlines the art and practice of leading change that you can start applying the very same day.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn a leadership model that has been used by top performers across business, social change and politics 
  • Find your sources of fuel, clarity and fortitude for the work ahead 
  • Learn a series of strategies that make the heavy lifting lighter and better paced 
  • Devise a plan for your team and organization

Getting on the Balcony – Gaining Perspective

We are only as good as our interpretations. This workshop focuses on a key concept to anything important: the capacity to diagnose what is happening within and around us. Every person and team needs the ability to get above the action and understand the patterns and system we operate in. In this workshop we identify the right work and how to accomplish it.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn a new framework to gain perspective and understand even the trickiest challenges
  • Develop new practices for distinguishing among types of problems
  • Expand your awareness of what information to look for and actively gather 
  • Walk away with shareable tools to enrol your team in gaining Balcony Perspective
  • Generate greater clarity and efficacy to your work and next actions

Foster Leadership Everywhere

The challenges we face require leadership at every level of engagement.  The myth of leading just from the top is dead. To comprehensively tackle our toughest challenges, we need leadership and problem-solving from all levels – including those closest to the problems themselves. This workshop provides a proven set of tools, practices and strategies to support and encourage localized leadership. You lead me and I lead you. Let’s tackle our toughest challenges with all the best of us.

In this workshop you will:

  • Explore the benefits of decentralized authority and local decision-making
  • Learn how to inspire leadership in others at the local level
  • Determine how to set norm for individuals to take smart risks and decisions 
  • Discern how to foster and reward entrepreneurial problem-solving