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Ready to evolve yourself? Your future you, thanks you.

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Change Everything™ Brings 20+ yrs:

  • Teaching skills to get the job done / Helping people level up their skills and grow their capacities
  • Sharing strategies to deliver on worthy ambitions
  • Providing support in moments of transition, crisis and ambition
  • Co-creating communities to share the journey with

We are all works in progress. Skill up and fortify yourself. Set intentions. Build clarity and conviction to deliver on what you care about most. And join a like-minded community invested in self growth.

Let’s start the new you with a Sprint.

Individual Sprint (8 Weeks)

Personal Evolution Sprint.
8 Weeks to grow into your next self.

This Sprint is designed for individuals looking for new skills, strategies and practices. Over 8 weeks, we hand you these tools to use immediately

Extraordinary times require extraordinary capacity. What are you growing into next?

Within each week, we include:

  • Deep dive lesson (virtual or live) 
  • Direct application materials 
  • Affinity group peer consulting 
  • Daily catalysts 
  • Team games and reflection activities

Next Sprint begins:

Week One: Core 4 Change System
    Content Session: May 2 from 12 – 1:30 PM ET
    Live Q&A: May 6 from 12:30 – 1:30 PM ET
Week Two: Full You Engagement
    Content Session: May 9 from 12 – 1:30 PM ET
    Live Q&A: May 13 from 12:30 – 1:30 PM ET
Week Three: Up-Level your Voice & Leadership
    Content Session: May 16 from 12 – 1:30 PM ET
    Live Q&A: May 20 from 12:30 – 1:30 PM ET
Week Four: Build Power & Influence for Good 
    Content Session: May 23 from 12 – 1:30 PM ET
    Live Q&A: May 27 from 12:30 – 1:30 PM ET
Week Five: Living with Disequilibrium & Conflict 
    Content Session: May 30 from 12 – 1:30 PM ET
     Live Q&A: June 3 from 12:30 – 1:30 PM ET
Week Six: Brilliant Relational Health 
     Content Session: June 6 from 12 – 1:30 PM ET
     Live Q&A: June 10 from 12:30 – 1:30 PM ET
Week Seven: My Worthy Ambition
     Content Session: June 13 from 12 – 1:30 PM ET
     Live Q&A: June 17 from 12:30 – 1:30 PM ET
Week Eight: Life by Design
     Final Content Session: June 20 from 12 – 1:30 PM ET

Individual Olympic (Annual)

Personal Evolution Annual Program. Grow at the pace of your ambitions and needs.

Our annual program is an ongoing communal adventure in personal growth. Surround yourself with the ideas, tools and peer groups necessary to support your progress.  

Every month engage in a community that is designed to lift you up.  Get in a beautiful rhythm of ideas, application, support and expanded capacity.

Our Olympic Program is a communal adventure in personal growth.

Each month includes:

  • Deep dive lessons (virtual or live) 

  • Live Case Consultations (with Zander)

  • Affinity group peer consulting 

  • Live Q & A (with Zander)

  • Direct application materials 

  • Daily catalysts 

  • Team games and reflection activities

The Olympic Journey begins this January 2022.

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Wendee Wolfson

Leadership Coach and Angel Investor

“Thank you for really one of the best constructed, managed and richest workshops I have ever experienced. The level  of engagement was high and the level of discourse consistently thoughtful and insightful. The frameworks were so well  constructed and valuable that I put several of them to use with my coaching clients immediately after each workshop  session. I have finally been able to take the time to turn towards myself and indulge in deep reflection, appreciate the  ways in which I have evolved and be curious about what’s next. The most striking part of these frameworks is that each  embodies both the balcony and the dance; each one broadens your perceptions at the same time it creates concrete  actions for experimenting with new behaviors. I know I will return to these frameworks over and over.” 

Johanne Lavoie

Partner, McKinsey & Company

“Zander is a change artist. He mixes together simple tools and maps that help us explore complex human landscapes,  fun visuals, great music, stories and play to create a unique learning experience. He also bring together a rich mix of  inspiring leaders from a broad range of contexts to share as we learn together. I love both watching him teach and  engaging in the learning dialogue. It has profoundly influenced my own work.”

Tim Shapiro

President, Indianapolis Center for Congregations

“Life is overwhelming. Yet, you can adapt. Through this Sprint you will experience personal transformation. I gained  new friends, received tools, and celebrated what matters most in this wonderful world we live in. Join the Sprint. Bring  a friend. Dive into an experience that will lift your joy as you make the world beautiful.”

Erycka Montoya

 Civic Engagement Professional & Community Advocate

“2020 demanded a lot of us. While the start of a new year certainly breathed new life and hope after so much  heartache, I know I still needed space to integrate the lessons of 2020, while balancing the uncertainty that remained  in 2021. And I needed to be in community with others that were navigating that how as well. The Sprint series has  been a critical space + community to navigate designing my life with intention. It is messy, it is hard, and we are not  meant to do this all alone. We are meant to be witnessed, affirmed and loved amidst all the ugliness, vulnerability  and of course beauty of our paths. So more than the tools of design with intention, the Sprint was about bearing  witness, permission to be exactly who we are, and to do differently if we so choose.” 

Lidija Drobez

Executive Coach, Culture Change Specialist

“The Sprint is a great opportunity to learn and grow with a group of wonderful people. Zander’s  attention to the whole and to each of us, and the acceptance that we are in different moments of our life, were truly  helpful. Now, a few weeks after the program I am still in the process of learning. The rich toolbox we received will  stay relevant for me and also useful in my work with clients. Zander connects to us through humanity and passion, his  wealth of experience and understanding of complexities of life. Last but not least, his incredible ability to respond to  challenging situations through drawings, music and humor turns hard work into a relaxing and enjoyable journey.”

Judith Stenneken

 Visual Artist

“How can we lead from a place of love? How can we stay gentle and vulnerable with ourselves and others when  things get hard? Zander makes the abstract concrete and gives us a hands-on toolkit that allows us to practice loving kindness within the framework of leadership. He lives by example and it’s contagious. Zander, Rachel and the  community of change-makers who participated in this course inspire me to think broader, listen deeper and speak kinder.” 

Zarana Sanghani

Consultant, ZS Strategies

“I am 20 years into a career I love but in recent years I felt like both work and life outside work had been narrowing  and shrinking — rather than developing and growing. The eight-week sprint with Zander and Rachel was a discovery  trek. They offered tools I’d never seen or used before and my classmates helped create a joyful and genuine space  for learning together. The sprint broke through some walls, expanded what I thought was possible, and helped me  recommit to the most important things in life and work.” 

Betsy Miller

Law Firm Partner and Leadership Coach  

“The Sprint was the best investment I made in 2021.  This is a program for leaders at the top of their game and for the coaches and trusted advisors who help them rise. Against a sea of professional development offerings, the substantive depth and spiritual heart of Zander’s material shines.  His approach to Adaptive Change is exactly the lens I needed to reflect inward and lead outward.  It is the rarest of gifts to be guided through a framework that provides such a “meta” approach to navigating evolution of self and system – while also delivering concrete, accessible, and intuitive tools that can be applied immediately.  Our cohort was populated by sophisticated and innovative leaders, whose wisdom and thought-provoking contributions further enriched the material and created a uniquely safe space to challenge each other and grow together.”

Change Everything Toolbox

Each day, we send you ideas, inspiration and practice areas to feed your growth. Take your daily dose. Share with a friend. Feed the change.